History of the Association

Establishment/History of the Association/

Waghimera Zone is one of the ten administrative zones of ANRS established as Wag people administrative & geographic location area where hemtegna language speaking Agew peoples are found. And yes, Wag Development Association is an indigenous, non-governmental, and non-for-profit development Organization established as per the FDRE Government proclamation No 621/2001 phrase 68(1) that ratifies the establishment of local NGOs in Ethiopia.

It was established in January 2001 by a general assembly meeting held for 2 days with 226 founding members.WDA by then have had about 9 Board of directors (as founding BOD and substituted members at the beginning of 2002) where a minutes of that meeting which major decisions had been made together with the articles of association had been approved as a legal frame work WDA to exist and start implementing its mission.

WDA members could be any volunteer regardless of religion, sex, age & political affiliation that dedicate or show willingness to support the development efforts of Wag. Therefore, we expect members to be anywhere in the world & need to establish branch in various towns in Ethiopia