Wheat Flour factory feasibility study  price  competition table at wag development association Sekota

Type content of the study unit quantity unit price Total
    Birr cent Birr cent
Flour fatory feasiblity study 1.exutive summery            
  •    Introduction
  •     Mission statement
  •     Objective
  •     Marketing objective
  •     Expected Accomplishment
  •     Required capital $ source
  2. The business            
  •     Purpose statement
  •     Descriptions of the business
  •     History of the business
  •    Management and operation
  •     Regulation  and licensing
  3.  Macro environment Analysis            
  ·         Economical analysis            
  ·         Industrial analysis(structure/            
  ·         Legal Analysis            
  ·         Socio-cultural analysis            
  ·         Technological Analysis            
  4. Market and demand analysis            
  ¾    Market definition            
  ¾    Market segmentation(size) and growth            
  ¾    Customer  need and competitive environment            
  ¾    Competitive advantage            
  ¾    Resulting issue            
  5. General marketing strategy            
  ¾    Target market            
  ¾    Positioning            
  6. Specific  marketing strategy            
  ¾    Delivery strategy            
  ¾    Pricing strategy            
  ¾    Promotion strategy            
  ¾    Transportation strategy            
  7. Technical Analysis            
  ¾    Technology            
  ¾    Machinery and equipments            
  ¾    Maintenances            
  ¾    Safety            
  ¾    Goods providing process            
  8. Organization and manpower  Requirement            
  9.Financial  Analysis            
  ¾    Source of capital            
  ¾    Cash flow statement            
  ¾    Breakeven analysis            
  ¾    Ratio analysis            
  ¾    Income statement            
  ¾    Balance sheet            
  ¾    IRR            
  ¾    NPV            
  ¾    payback period            
Total price before Vat    
Total price including vat    
N.B  it is possible for the winner to put additional contents  when it is important  without affecting the wining cost
The study shall be completed with a period of 45 days after signing of the Agreement    

The opening Day will be on   —–3————————————–

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